Horse Supplies

3 PACK- 10% Sulfur Soap + (2) 10% Scabisil Sulfur Ointment ! ZERO PEG

Powerful, all natural soothing relief for human, horse, dog and pets alike.
Advanced colloidal system, lathers into creamy emulsion when properly activated.
Premium Sulfur Ointment conditioner. Go All Natural ! — Say ‘No’ to polyethylene glycol – PEG.

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6 Pack Ulcergard (Omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (13.68 Gm)

Ulcergard new non-prescription preventive for equine gastric ulcer syndrome
Contains Omeprazole, which suppresses acid production in a horse’s stomach
Effectively prevents the onset Of ulcers

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Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel, 12 oz

Spearmint-scented gel contains natural menthol and herbal extracts
Powerful muscle, joint, and arthritis pain reliever
Convenient gel form for easy application

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Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel, 3 oz

Proven leader in powerful pain relief in now available in a convenient travel size
Powerful muscle joint and pain relief in a 3 Ounce travel siz
Menthol loosens stiff joints and reduces Swelling

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APF Pro Equine 354ml / 12oz

Advanced adaptogenic herbal formula for use in equine athletes
Protection of both the immune system and cellular metabolism
Increases resistance to stress induced gastric ulcers

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Back on Track Therapeutic Quick Leg Wraps

Sold as Pair
Quick and Safe to Use

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Banixx Horse and Pet Care

Scratches, Infections, Fungus, Rain Rot, Cuts & Punctures, Thrush, Dog Hot Spots and Ear Infections & Ringworm
A unique pH product with zero odor, zero sting, and safe for use around the eye & mouth
Earth-friendly, made in USA and Safe for Any Pet

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Bayer 2368875 Cydectin – Oral Sheep Drench – l

Store In Original Container In A Secure, Dry Area
Cowboy Magic – Detangler & Shine – 32 Oz
Harmful If Swallowed Or Absorbed Through The Skin. Avoid Contact With Eyes. Avoid Breathing The Dust

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Behlen Country AHW80 Insulated Cattle/Horse Waterer with Heat

Thick styrofoam floor keeps the frost line below the waterer
Urethane in the walls provides over four times the insulation of competitors’ models (tested to -20° f)
Double-insulated design eliminates the possibility of stray voltage

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Bickmore Gard-More

SUPERIOR WATERPROOF TREATMENT- Bickmore’s Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent has been specially formulated to add a protective layer to your valued goods helping guard against water and stains while minimizing rub off and scuffing.
WORKS ON LEATHER, SUEDE, FABRIC, FELT, NUBUCK AND MORE- Protecting against dirt, water & stains on all colors of hats, coats, footwear, tack, jackets, shells, gloves, furniture, luggage, car upholstery, boat seats and more
BREATHABLE: Gard-More provides a strong invisible layer of protection, while still allowing the material to breathe, keeping leather and other materials flexible and looking their best.

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Bickmore Saddle Soap Plus – Leather Cleaner & Conditioner with Lanolin – Restorer, Moisturizer, and Protector

CLEANS AWAY DIRT, GRIME AND SALT STAINS: Formulated with lanolin and neatsfoot oil for added moisturizing and superb cleaning.
KEEPS LEATHER SOFT AND LOOKING GREAT: Bickmore Saddle Soap softens and preserves smooth finished leathers.
NOT JUST FOR SADDLES: Use Saddle Soap to clean horse tack, leather boots, leather shoes, and even other outdoor leather products such as baseball gloves.

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C & S Products Peanut Delight, Pack of 12 (11.75 Oz Each)

No Melt Suet Is Mixed Into A Soft Dough Texture Which Is Then Pressed Into Cake Form Creating The Only True No Melt Suet Product Line In The World
Treats And Delights Are Also Nutritionally Balanced To Provide Wild Birds With Much Needed Energy

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